Window Cleaning FAQs

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Do I have to be home when you come to wash my windows?
No. As we are in a seasonal ski town, the majority of our clients are not home when we show up. When you call to set up your window washing appointment, we will coordinate timing and access.

My basement windows are covered with hard water spots. What do I do about this?
If you are noticing calcium buildup on your lower windows, chances are good that your sprinkler is the culprit. Call your landscaper and have them turn the direction away ASAP, or else that calcium may ruin your windows for good.

You say you’re an environmentally-friendly operation. How?
We use only as much water as is absolutely needed. Since we only hand wash our windows, two four-gallon buckets per day will get every window we wash even cleaner than the water-fed hoses, which use one hundred gallons per day. And when you’re trying to conserve resources in the high desert, that ninety-two gallons per day really adds up and makes a huge difference. We also use only biodegradable and eco-friendly cleansers, nothing that will damage this environment.

I have a round window in my attic alcove, really high up. Can you reach it?
Absolutely! No window is too high – and we will even put on a good show with our climbing gear as we get it clean and shiny.

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