Security & Window Cleaning Services

Window cleaners have a lot of access...know who you are doing business with.
window washers and security Window washers work not only on the outside but inside the home as well. Better View Professional Window Cleaning is stringent in their hiring and regular review process, so you can rest assured that every one of our employees has had their background checked and is safe to be in your home, whether or not you are there.

The first time we come to your home or business, our window washers will introduce themselves so you will have a name to put to the face. This is both an added level of security for you and a way for us to connect with you, our valued customer. We will always show up in a company-marked car wearing our Better View t-shirts. We are a professional company, not a questionable bunch with buckets and squeegees. This is just another thing that differentiates us from the competition, and another way you can feel safe with us.

Hire Professional Window Washers

There are a lot of people out there who will wash your windows, but you take a risk both in quality and safety when you use someone other than a professional service. We are licensed, insured, and bonded, and all of our employees are covered by our worker’s compensation policy. We may be washing windows, but we are one of the most professional companies in the area, from our crisp clean uniforms to our honesty and customer service.

Insist on Background Checks

Every single employee at Better View has undergone a background check and is spotless. We only hire window washers with clean records, so you can rest assured that no one with a criminal past will be taking care of your windows. Your safety is very important to us, and we take our responsibility to you very seriously.

Verify References

We verify the references of all of our job applicants, so it is only fair – and good general practice – that you check ours. We can provide you with a list of references, and please feel free to give any of them a call before we come to your home or business.

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